November & december - What to do in Paris?

November & december - What to do in Paris?

Paris, the City of Light, offers a myriad of activities in November and December, from trade fairs to shows, along with sports and gastronomic events, and exceptional exhibitions. Here's a glimpse of what Paris has in store during november and december.


Trade Fairs in Paris

  1. ParisLocal (Nov 17-19): Showcasing the craftsmanship of Greater Paris.
  2. Moto Légende (Nov 24-26): For motorcycle enthusiasts.
  3. Paris Night Market: An eco-creation focused Christmas market​​.


Shows and Concerts

  1. Parisian Cabarets: Legendary places like the Crazy Horse and Moulin Rouge.
  2. Notre-Dame de Paris Musical: At the Palais des Congrès (Nov 15 - Dec 3)​​.


Sports and Gastronomic Events

  1. Rolex Paris Masters: A major tennis tournament at Accor Arena.
  2. Beaujolais Nouveau: Celebrated every third Thursday of November in bistros and cafes​​.


Must-See Exhibitions

  1. Memory of an Elegant Woman: A retrospective of haute couture (Nov 6-25).
  2. Oceans, the Immersive Odyssey: At the Atelier des Lumières (until Jan 7, 2024).
  3. Investigation in Madagascar: A playful exhibition at the Tropical Aquarium.
  4. Horace Vernet: Exhibition at the Château de Versailles (Nov 14, 2023 - Mar 17, 2024).
  5. Metro! The Grand Paris in Movement: At the City of Architecture and Heritage.
  6. Prehistomania: At the Museum of Man (Nov 17, 2023 - May 20, 2024).
  7. Paris of Modernity: At the Petit Palais from Nov 14.
  8. Japan in Colors, 19th Century Photographs: At the Museum of Decorative Arts.
  9. Economics According to Asterix: At the City of Economy from Oct 21, 2023​​​​​​​​.


Each activity offers a unique and memorable experience, reflecting the cultural diversity and richness of Paris. Whether it's for art enthusiasts, sports fans, foodies, or simply those looking to celebrate the end-of-year festivities, Paris has something to offer everyone.

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