Luxembourg Garden

Luxembourg Garden

Your Parisian epic begins here, at the Jardin du Luxembourg. Located in the 6th arrondissement, a few steps from the Bonsoir Madame, the garden takes you on a journey through all the great transformations of Paris. From its creation in the 17th century by Marie de Médicis to its development during Haussmann's great works, the Luxembourg has a rich history that it passes on to you along its alleys and flowery groves.

Our advice, take a walk early in the morning before the Parisians and tourists come to take over the place. Designated "Most Beautiful Garden in Europe" by the website House Fresh, visitors flock to discover this jewel of French heritage. By staying with us, you are only three steps away from its doors. An exclusive opportunity!

Some interesting facts about the garden:

  • 4500 mobile seats are installed in the park.
  • The Senate sits in the Palais du Luxembourg and is also responsible for the maintenance of the place.
  • The gardens are inspired by the Boboli gardens in Florence, Italy.
  • Nearly 4 million visitors visit the place.
  • The 23 hectares of the park are covered with 3000 trees, a fruit garden and greenhouses of 3600m2.

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Photo credit: Michelle Raponi from Pixabay 

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